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LiFePO4 LFP20L-BS 12.8V Lithium Battery for Motorcycle/ E-Bike/ Powersports/ ATV

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LiFePO4 LFP20L-BS 12.8V Lithium Motorcycle Batteries>SPECIFICATIONS   

Model LFP20L-BS
Type LiFePO4
Size 175*87*155 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Rated voltage 12.8V
Rated Charge Current ≤16.0A
Capacity 16Ah
CCA 480
Short circuit protection Yes
High-temperature protection 120ºC (±5ºC)
Low-temperature protection No
Over-Discharge Protection Voltage 8.0V 
Over-Discharge Recovery Voltage 9.2V
Over-Charge Protection Voltage  15.6V
Over-Charge Recovery Voltage 15.2V
Equalizing voltage 3.65V * 4s
Charge discharge cycle 2500 cycles
Self Discharge Rate ≤30uA
Interior Resistance ≤10mΩ
Adaptive temperature -20ºC~ 90 ºC

Product Characteristics:

Unique & Strong functions
3 times higher discharge rate than lead-acid batteries
Ultra Strong ignition ability,
Improvement of fuel efficiency
Enhance the brightness of vehicle lights
Improvement of sound effect
Multifunctional BMS inside
Digital & Real-time monitoring voltage display.

Why Starlight LiFePO4 battery?
• High Performance -High theoretical capacity of 170mah/g and high practical capacity as high as 165mah/g
• Long Cycle Life: up to 2000 cycle life (8x of Lead Acid and 3-4x of Li-ion)
• Extremely Safe/Stable Chemistry: no explosion & will not catch fire under collision over charged or short circuit; hithermal stability of phases up to 500C
• Long Service Life: Around 6~10 years
• Wide working temperature range: From -4 F to 150 F (-20 C-+70C)
• Flexible & Small Form Factor: 1/3 weight of lead acid 
• High Rate (Power) Capability
• Environmentally Friendly Non-toxic, non-contaminating and No rare metal
• Fast Charging: fully charged in a very short time —2C fast charge within half hour.

Major parameters of protection board:
1. Overcharge protection: Starting protection in the voltage range of 15.0v -15.6v,resume normal under the voltage 15.0v.
2. Over discharge protection: Starting protection in the voltage range of 8.0v-8.4v,resume normal over 8.4v.
3. Short circuit protection: Starting protection when short circuit,switch off the load,resume normal.
4. Average voltage: average 3.6v voltage per cell.

Installation instructions:
1. Please check the recharge voltage of the vehicles. It can be installed in the voltage range of 13.5v to 14.8v.
2. It shows there is malfuction when the charge voltage is over 15.0v. Please install the batteries after overhauling.
3. Please check the battery voltage before installation. No need to charge when battery voltage is over 12.8v. Please charge the battery to over 13.6v-14.8v when the voltage is under 12.8v.
4. Please check the position of the positive and negative to avoid short circuit.

Charge and maintanence instructions:
* Please make a charge maintanence to keep the best performance when the LiFePo4 motorcycle batteries are leave unused for over 1 year.

Special Notice:
* LiFePo4 motorcycle battery is only used for starting the motorcycles or as the power of motorcycle related applications. There may be any danger or loss if for other applications,please be cautious.

Normally start the vehicles even if the ambient temperature is over -30 degree Celsius.
Never worry about the breakdown when driving,
You can have faster starting with the battery inside your vehicles.