BMW G 310 GS 2017: Caught one day from INTERMOT

CAFC April 1, 2022

The BMW G 310 GS 2017 caught one day from INTERMOT! We already know the first sequel to the BMW G 310 R, a minitrail that is ready to be officially presented at the Teutonic event.

The BMW G 310 GS caught one day from INTERMOT! The Bavarian firm has not been able to keep the surprise until the end and the Italian motorcycling colleagues have obtained the first photo of the new access trail for the GS family and that we will almost certainly see tomorrow during the presentation of the BMW models at INTERMOT 2016.

BMW uncovered the jar of essences last year when it announced the arrival of the BMW G 310 R, a small displacement naked that had been manufactured by TVS in India and that a new era was approaching within BMW with the appearance of the first 300 cc models. It was logical to think that from Munich they were going to make one or more replicas of this model and we already know the first one.

It is a small trail that arrives to become the access model to the successful BMW GS family. We currently have 3 models: BMW F 700 GS, BMW F 800 GS and BMW R 1200 GS that will now have the presence of a little brother created specifically for A2 license drivers. BMW f800gs led headlight conversion kit is worth to upgrade.

It seems that the engine will not undergo major changes and will maintain its power of 34CV and 313 cc. The suspensions have a greater travel and it is also observed that the handlebar changes its position, adopting a higher and delayed position with the aim of improving the driving position. The body also changes the design of the other GS and in this photo two colors are glimpsed: black and red. If you do like BMW F800GS led headlight, do not hesitate to contact us. Finally, in the rear it has a rack for objects. It is to be expected that BMW will also launch a range of accessories that include bags to be placed on this part of the tail.

Seeing the bet that BMW seems to be making for these low displacement models, it is to be expected that the next to arrive will be the BMW G 310 RR. Remember that a few months ago we showed you images of the TVS Akula, a motorcycle that could very well resemble this future G 310 RR and that will undoubtedly help BMW take advantage of this emerging niche.

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