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12V Motorcycle Battery Lithium Powersports Battery for ATV/E-Bike

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12V Motorcycle Battery Lithium Powersports Battery for ATV/E-bike>SPECIFICATIONS   

Model LFP10S
Type LiFePO4
Size 150*87*93 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Rated voltage 12.8V
Rated Charge Current ≤8 A
Capacity 8Ah
CCA 360
Short circuit protection Yes
High-temperature protection 120ºC (±5ºC)
Low-temperature protection No
Over-Discharge Protection Voltage 8.0V 
Over-Discharge Recovery Voltage 9.2V
Over-Charge Protection Voltage  15.6V
Over-Charge Recovery Voltage 15.2V
Equalizing voltage 3.65V * 4s
Charge discharge cycle 2500 cycles
Self Discharge Rate ≤22.0uA
Interior Resistance ≤8.0mΩ
Adaptive temperature -20ºC~ 90 ºC

Characteristics of LiFePo4 motorcycle batteries:
High-security LiFePo4 battery is the safest type of all Lithium-Ion Batteries, will not burn, and explode under any extreme situation.
High stability. It has a long time and stable performance, low self-discharge.No loss after a long time leaves unused.
Ultra-long life. It has over 2000 times of cycle life. Designed life can be 6 to 10 years.
Ultra-strong starting ability. The instant starting current can reach 80C.
Long time maintenance-free. No capacity loss after a long time leaves unused. Even after 2 years without maintenance, it can start vehicles.
Good low temperature starting ability, even at -20ºC temperature it can easily start vehicles.
Compatible with the electric circuit of lead-acid batteries. It can replace any type of lead-acid battery and can be recharged by any lead-acid battery chargers.
Environment-friendly. No containing any lead material, sulfuric acid.

Special Notice:
LiFePo4 motorcycle battery is only used for starting the motorcycles or as the power of motorcycle related applications. There may be any danger or loss if for other applications, please be cautious.